Fit woman stretching in park

5 easy yoga asanas that you can do today

  What is Yoga? Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago. Today, yoga is practiced all over the world for the many benefits it has to offer.  Yoga comprises movement, meditation, and breathing techniques. Yoga is about establishing a connecting mind, body, and spirit. More importantly, yoga differs from person to person. For some, yoga is about getting exercise; for some, it is about peace of mind.    Benefits of Yoga Yoga has endless benefits; practising yoga helps improve health and helps develop discipline.  Following are the health benefits of yoga: Keeps your mind and body - healthy and strong Reduces stress and promotes relaxation Helps...

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man holding green coffee bean in a spatula cup

Do green coffee capsules actually help you lose weight?

If you are on a weight loss journey, you probably have heard about green coffee bean extract or green coffee capsule. But, what do you know about green coffee? Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and false information about how green coffee results in weight loss.  In this blog, we will talk about green coffee bean extract, its benefits, and if you should use it. What is green coffee? Green Coffee beans are just unroasted seeds of the Coffea fruits. This means they are your regular coffee beans, just unroasted. Green coffee contains high amounts of a chemical known as Chlorogenic acid. The process of roasting reduces the levels of chlorogenic acids.  Chlorogenic acid is known to have medicinal benefits; however, further research is needed to understand these benefits better. Benefits of green coffee capsule- 1. Helps lower blood pressure. Early research...

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