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Supplements and COVID-19: Can supplements help you fight Covid-19?

supplements and COVID-19

Supplements and COVID-19.

Covid-19 is a viral outbreak that most likely started in Wuhan, China. Though most researchers speculate that the virus is human-made, no human-made solution was available up until now. India currently has two vaccines: Covi-shield and Covaxin. 

This increases the quest to seek prevention against the virus that is more accessible by the public. Here’s where most people are counting on supplements to boost their immune system. 

Supplements as immune boosters-

A deficiency of even a single vital nutrient in your body can affect the overall immune response. Eating a good diet may prevent the lack of such nutrients, but not all society sections can afford such a balanced diet of nutrients at all times. 

In these cases, vitamin and mineral supplements can help nourish nutritional deficiencies and maintain the requisite immunity. To increase the nutrition supply in your body, a healthy dosage of nutrient supplements is suggested, which acts as an immune boost to your body and improves the immune system against all diseases.

Supplements and COVID-19: What can supplements do to the coronavirus?

A recent chat with infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci revealed that important vitamins like Vitamin A, D, and Zinc may or may not help combat the virus. Still, they are among the best immunity boosters. Hence, taking supplements for these vitamins acts as an immune booster and generates enough immunity to battle the virus if affected. 

The disease being so new has played a role in the confusion around using supplements to boost the immune system and prevent viruses like the SARS COV2. Researchers haven’t had the time for the extensive experiments required to test the best immunity boosters and provide the correct answers to the use of supplements as an immune booster to prevent the virus. So instead, scientists primarily rely on old data and research analysis of immune booster and their effects on the body. 

Though there are studies on the outcomes of patients taking some of the best immunity boosters routinely and are promising hints, there is nothing concrete yet to see if these supplements to boost the immune system have a say in the prevention or cure of Covid-19. 

Vitamins and supplements that can help strengthen your immunity-

Though there isn’t enough data to justify the use of supplements to prevent or combat the coronavirus, there are, however, supplements that will help strengthen your immune system. And a robust immune system, in turn, will help you battles viruses in your body. 

  • Vitamin D

“The sunshine vitamin”, the body makes it naturally in the presence of ultraviolet light. In addition, vitamin D, a hormone-building block, helps strengthen the immune system.

The British Medical Journal published a meta-analysis that suggests a daily vitamin D supplement might help prevent respiratory infections, particularly in people deficient in the vitamin, thus acting as a perfect supplement to boost the immune system. 

What we currently know about Vitamin D and COVID-19: 

Few studies have assessed directly whether vitamin D affects COVID-19 treatment.

In May, BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, Lanham-New and her colleagues concluded that there’s little and only to recommend vitamin D as a preventive treatment to help with COVID-19 prevention for deficient people. That paper drew inferences from how vitamin D works against other respiratory tract infections and immune health, much of its effects being the same as COVID-19. 

  • Zinc

Zinc plays several supportive roles in the immune system and also helps with cell division and growth.

We know about Zinc and COVID-19: 

The mineral is so promising that it was added to some early hydroxychloroquine studies, a drug tested early in the pandemic causing disease. However, studies have since shown that hydroxychloroquine failed to prevent or treat COVID-19.

Researchers from Aachen University revealed great benefits of zinc supplementation, looking at similar infections, including SARS, another disease caused by a coronavirus. The researchers cited evidence that Zinc might help in prevention and help slow the virus’s replication when it does.

Researchers have concluded that Zinc could decrease the duration of infection but not the severity of symptoms, particularly among deficient people. As a result, various studies are now looking at Zinc for COVID-19 treatment, often with other drugs or supplements.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a list long number of roles in the body. A potent antioxidant that is important for a healthy immune system and preventing inflammation.

Human studies find a lower occurrence of pneumonia among people consuming Vitamin C, “suggesting that Vitamin C might prevent the susceptibility to lower respiratory tract infections under certain conditions.” (Respiratory tract infections being a precursor/ caused by a coronavirus.

What do we know about Vitamin C and COVID-19: 

Based on what is known about the nutrient’s functioning, a review from KU Leuven in Belgium concluded that the vitamin might help prevent infection and tamp down the dangerous inflammatory reaction that can cause severe symptoms. 

Supplements and COVID-19: What are the supplements you may take? 

Supplements that contain significant amounts of Giloy, Curcumin, Probiotics, Vitamins C, D, Zinc, Iron, and Proteins are known to be effective for a healthy body and an active immune system. 

This supplement pack combines Ayurvedic verbs complimentary to Vitamin Cs. Curcumin, Tulsi, Amla, and Giloy, this supplement shall boost your immunity and act as an antipyretic and reduce fever. 

This supplement is a triple potency omega fatty acid. Known sources of omega-3 fatty acids include plant oils, nuts, seeds, and fish. Omega 3+6 are essential fatty acids that our body cannot make on its own, and hence this product also doubles for being a lifesaver. 

This product extracted from Flaxseed and Safflower is a holy gift recognized for maintaining heart health, better heart rhythm, and blood circulation while improving the lipid profile.

Take away.

Supplements can help you boost your immune system when combined with a few lifestyle changes, and you can enhance your immune system. However, it is also true that there are no supplements that can guarantee you protection from COVID-19. Therefore it is essential to follow all the COVID-19 protocols to keep ourselves safe.