Do you really need supplements to boost immunity?

Man taking supplements to boost immunity

Ever been doubtful if supplements to boost immunity are really effective? As consumers, such doubts are reasonable; they allow you to understand what you consume and how it works. So, worry not, as here’s a blog that answers all your doubts with a suggestion of efficient supplements!

The better you take care of your immune system, the better it will care for you. To take the apt steps in improving your immune system, let’s understand how the immune system works.

How does the immune system work?

Your body is exposed to endless foreign particles, germs, and harmful disease-causing viruses and bacteria every day. Sounds horrible, right? Think of the immune system as your personal bodyguard. It guards your body against infections, diseases, and unwanted illnesses by following various fight mechanisms and pathways.

You may wonder if the immune system is inbuilt in you, is it even possible to boost it to protect you better. It very much can be boosted, let’s see how-

The basics of boosting your immune system.

Your immune system is activated by the presence of foreign particles and is boosted by a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, in our daily routine, consuming enough nutritional diets rich in specific vitamins and dietary factors can help increase the efficiency of the inbuilt immune system.

Each stage of the body’s immune response depends on the presence of particular macro and micronutrients. The nutrients that are essential for the growth and function of immune cells and efficient immunity are-

  1. Vitamin C, Vitamin D

The first, sourced from the citric family and the latter from direct sunlight. Both these vitamins work wonders when it comes to maintaining an even immune system.

  1. Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Protein

Zinc, Selenium, Iron and Protein are activators of the immune system, and their adequate quantities ensure the proper functioning of the human immune system.

  1. Omega 3s 

Omega 3s are fatty acids that help promote immune response by reducing cell responses to stress and enhancing antibody-producing cells’ function. Flaxseed, soybean, and canola oils are rich in Omega 3s.

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What is a microbiome?

Not to creep you, the microbiome is much like a metropolis of microbes living in our bodies. They are primarily found in our gut and intestine. Now, why are they important? The microbiome plays a vital role in controlling our immune functions. Based on our diet, the microbes that grow in our bodies can be either protective or harmful. This is where the Prebiotic and Probiotic diets come to play.

  1. Prebiotics 

Prebiotics are diets that help maintain an atmosphere that promotes the growth of helpful microbes.

These are found in garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, dandelion greens, bananas, and seaweed. In addition, eating various fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains gives in many dietary prebiotics. They contain fibre and oligosaccharides (a class of carbohydrates having 2-10 monosaccharide units) that help maintain healthy bacteria colonies.

  1. Probiotics

Probiotics are diets that contain these helpful bacteria. These beneficial microbes help break down our diet into a chain of fatty acids that stimulate our immune activity. Yoghurt, fermented vegetables, kimchi and kombucha tea are some diets that contain probiotic nutrients.

As learned from above, specific dietary patterns may offer better immunity and protection against diseases and inflammation. Still, not all the food we eat may contain all the required nutrients. This is where the supplements come into play.

Do we really need supplements to boost our immunity?

A deficiency of a single nutrient in the above-mentioned vital nutrients can affect immune response. Studies suggest that deficiency in essential nutrients like Vitamin C, D, zinc, iron, proteins can cause a notable shift in the efficiency of immune responses and the time that they sustain.

Eating a good diet may prevent deficiency of such nutrients, but not all sections of society are well equipped to afford such a balanced diet of nutrients at all times. In these cases, a vitamin and mineral supplement can help nourish the nutritional voids and help to maintain the requisite immunity.

Deficiency of the nutrients may impede a higher risk, especially on older people, pregnant ladies, lactating mothers and malnourished children. To increase your body’s nutrient supply, a healthy dosage of nutrient supplements to boost immunity is suggested.

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What are the supplements to boost immunity?

Giloy, Curcumin, Probiotics, Vitamins C, D, Zinc, Iron and Proteins are the way to maintain a healthy body and build a robust, active immune system. Boosting these in your body is at the core of supplements to boost immunity.

Foresta Organics has a range of supplements to boost immunity, which, when complemented with dietary and lifestyle changes, can help boost your immune system.

  1. Foresta Organics – Immune Health

To unleash the warrior mode in you, this proactive supplement pack is a combination of highly functional Ayurvedic herbs that complement Vitamin C. With an amalgamation of Curcumin, Tulsi, Amla and Giloy, these supplements not only strengthen your immune system but also promotes your digestion while purifying your blood. It also acts as an antipyretic, which helps reduce fever.

  1. Foresta Organic – Omega 3+6+9

This supplement is a triple potency omega fatty acid. The well-known sources of omega 3 fatty acids include fish. However, as per your dietary preferences, if you are kept away from these essential fatty acids, you can incorporate Omega-rich supplements along with Omega-rich foods to boost your immunity.

Also, omega 3+6 are essential fatty acids that our body cannot make on its own, and hence this product also doubles for being a lifesaver. This product extracted from Flaxseed and Safflower is a holy gift recognized for maintaining heart health, better heart rhythm and blood circulation while improving the lipid profile.

Parting Thoughts.

Our body is an able machine that needs to be oiled at regular intervals to keep it going. Our immune system is a fantastic bodyguard that needs its own boost to keep it going as actively as possible to maintain a healthy body. Supplements to boost immunity suggested above are tested and satisfactory to consumers and are the precursors of your healthy body. If your body’s health is just a supplement away, why wait? Get healthy, the right way!

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