Supplements FAQs

Why can't I just get all these nutrients from what I eat? Why do I need a supplement?

First things first, let’s tackle two points:

1) Supplements are not meant to replace a healthy, well-balanced diet.
2) Nothing beats eating high-quality food.
Having said that, even when we do our best to eat healthy, we still need high-quality supplements to support our diets in today’s world. And here’s why:

Over the years, irresponsible farming practices have destroyed soil quality. Depleted soils mean that plant-based foods don’t contain the same nutrient value they once did. These days, we’re busy, and we’re only getting busier. So we need other solutions to get high-quality nutrients while we’re on the go. But the expense of that adds up quickly. Our supplements are an affordable way to guarantee you get these vital nutrients each and every day, no matter what.

What should I be looking for when I'm buying supplements? Is there a checklist?

When you’re in search for your next great supplement, ask yourself these questions:
Does the supplement come from plants (actual fruits, vegetables, grains, superfoods, etc.), or is it made of synthetic chemicals made in a lab?
Can I pronounce all of the ingredients on the label?
What kind of tests were run on the product to prove label accuracy and ingredient purity?
How does it taste?
Is the supplement a cost-effective way to get the nutrition I need?

How do I know if Foresta supplements are right for me?

Everybody is unique in their physiology and we all have different health needs. We may even react differently to the same supplement. It’s important to note that the ultimate judge of whether any supplement is right for you is: you.

We encourage you to pay close attention to your health when on any supplement. How do you feel after you take it? What do you notice about your health overall? Is this something you would like to incorporate into your daily diet, or would you prefer to use it sparingly? The call is ultimately yours.

We, however, will of course lend you a helping hand in your decision.

Our supplements can support your digestive health, energy, and diet in natural, plant-based ways. We source the most reliable, high-quality, plant-based ingredients nature has on hand. If you’re ready to nourish your body and get behind a company that’s trying to change the world, you’re at the right spot.

What is the best way to store Foresta supplements?

Unless otherwise indicated on the product label, Foresta recommends that its products be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dry place. Products should be kept away from a location exposed to moisture (such as a bathroom) or heat (such as above the stove). And be sure your hands are dry before handling your supplements and, whenever possible, store the product in the bottle it came in and keep the lid tightly closed at all times.

Are Foresta products safe for kids?

We do not recommend Foresta supplements for children below 16 years of age.

I’m not sure what products to order. Can you recommend some for me?

A qualified health-care practitioner is the best resource to assess your needs and make the recommendations that take your health into account. Because we can’t appropriately evaluate you, we can’t make personal recommendations. After you have a recommendation from your health-care practitioner, we can answer questions about the way the product works and how to use it.

My product was exposed to high heat before I opened it. What should I do?

Depending on where you live and the time of year your product order is shipped, a Foresta product order can sometimes be subjected during shipment to short-term exposure to an extreme hot or cold temperature. However, in almost every instance, these short-term environmental stresses should not degrade or adversely affect the ingredients – powder or oil – in a Foresta product in any way. To also help minimize these circumstances, we recommend that you be available to receive your shipment when it arrives, so the product doesn’t remain exposed to an extreme outdoor temperature.

I would like to stop taking my medication and want to know the best way to safely do this using Foresta supplements.

Dietary supplements can’t be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a disease, we can’t recommend that you substitute a dietary supplement for a prescribed medication or a recommended over-the-counter medication. Therefore, we always advise that you consult with a qualified health-care practitioner – preferably the one who prescribed or recommended your medication – before you discontinue taking that medication.

Does Foresta use fillers?

Most dietary & dietary supplements contain properties, such as fillers, binders, and lubricants. Foresta believes in total label transparency. That means there are no hidden inactive ingredients. Every ingredient in a Foresta product, whether active or inactive, is listed on the product label.

Can I take Foresta supplements with my medications?

Many Foresta customers who take prescription or over-the-counter medications want to know if dietary supplements can be taken at the same time. For medication/supplement interactions we know about, we note them on our website. However, there is always a possibility that you could have an individual reaction to taking a particular medication and a particular dietary supplement at the same time. Therefore, we always advise that you consult with a qualified health-care practitioner – preferably the one who prescribed or recommended your medication – before you begin taking a dietary supplement at the same time.

Are Foresta’s products certified NON-GMO?

Foresta has a policy to not use genetically modified ingredients in our products. Therefore, to the best of our knowledge, every Foresta product is GMO-free.

How soon before I feel something from my supplements?

Every individual is unique and every ingredient has a different “mechanism of action” for how it works in the body. Some ingredients can provide a relatively fast result. Other ingredients, such as those for preventative health and general wellbeing, an immediate response would not be expected. However, for many Foresta products, if you experience an overall sense of wellbeing, such as improved mood, that is one of the indications you are realizing the intended benefit.

Are Foresta products certified organic?

Although many of the ingredients in Foresta products are organic, Foresta products themselves are not certified as organic.

Does Foresta test its products on animals?

No. Furthermore, Foresta supports the objective of eliminating the laboratory testing of all animals.

I have a Foresta product that has expired. Can I still use it?

We don’t recommend using a Foresta product after its expiration date. Foresta conducts stability testing on our products, which ensures the potency of every ingredient at the product’s expiration date. Because of our stability testing program, Foresta can guarantee that its products meet 100 percent of the product’s label claims up to the time of expiration. Although we don’t recommend using a product after its expiration date, it certainly won’t harm you if you do use it. It doesn’t mean the product has “gone bad” – it just means one or more of the ingredients might be at less than 100 percent potency.

Can your products be taken out of the capsule to take them?

Most Foresta products can be taken out of their two-piece, pull-apart capsule. However, there are several products that we don’t recommend taking out of the capsule, like Omega 369 and CLA, as they come in oil form.

Are your supplements safe for the elderly?

We consider our serving sizes, as found on the label, to have a very high safety profile. The plants have a high safety profile when used appropriately. Sensitive individuals such as the elderly may want to reduce the amount used, especially to start. You can always start with a 1 capsule a day, get a sense of an extract and see how you respond.

Can I take more than the suggested serving size?

We cannot advise exceeding the labelled dosage instructions.

What do I do if I think I'm having a reaction to a Foresta product?

Discontinue using the product and contact your health-care practitioner. If you think you need to, you should go to an emergency medical center.

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