Why Us?

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Natural Ingredients

Our products are as pure as they come, without the slightest trace of anything but natural ingredients. At Foresta Organics, we firmly believe that one can do without causing any harm to animals and the environment. We draw our inspiration from the best and the most humble teacher, Mother Nature.

No Preservatives

No Preservatives

We take immense pride when we say our products are preservative-free and devoid of any additives. We chose not to use any stabilisers, mixing agents, anti-caking agents, or any form of shelf preservative. Our focus is on creating human-friendly products and not on excessively increasing the shelf-life of the products.

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Our products are strictly devoid of animal extracts or meat and services that result in animal exploitation. This is why our products are 100% vegetarian friendly and suit users with vegetarian or Jain diets.

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Vegan & Cruelty Free

We strictly avoid the usage of animal extracts or meats and services that result in animal exploitation. This allows us to cater to the needs of people having any dietary preference. Furthermore, we firmly believe in producing cruelty-free and sustainable products.

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Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

We ensure toxic-free, chemical-free, antibiotic-free, and growth hormone-free production by taking the best of what modern science has to offer. We take pride in our products as they are as mother nature presents them, unedited and unadulterated.

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Ayurvedic Extracts

Our products are manufactured using the finest Ayurvedic Herbs and nothing else. Ayurvedic extracts are substances extracted from medicinal and healing plants.

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Plant Based Capsules

We notice many supplement brands are marketed as vegetarian and vegan friendly, but their capsules are made from softgels and gelatin, derived from collagen found in animals, which is ethically wrong. As users of any product, what you can do is educate yourself to understand what you consume.

We strictly use plant-based HPMC capsules in all our supplements. They are made from cellulose fibre and therefore are natural. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), also known as hypromellose, is produced from cellulose. HPMC is a natural polymer and fibre that is considered safe for human consumption.

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Gluten free

For people with autoimmune diseases, gluten triggers the immune system to attack the small intestine. With repeated attacks, the small intestine loses its ability to absorb vital nutrients, such as calcium and iron. Keeping this in mind, we created our products to cater to the needs of people who are gluten sensitive.

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Lactose Free

In accordance with our strict vegan-friendly supplements, we do not include lactose-based ingredients in any form. More importantly, lactose intolerances and allergies are present in about 65 out of every 100 people. Therefore, we in no way intend to cause any harm to any users in any manner whatsoever.

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Scientifically Formulated

We have created all-natural ayurvedic products with the help of the best modern science & technology has to offer. All our products undergo extensive research and are backed by recent research studies. Every product and ingredient is tested in the lab, and its reports are called a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Extensive testing gives us a deeper understanding of the nutritional value of the products we create. All of our products are also tested for the presence of heavy metals.