Our Story

Hello there!

We are so humbled and excited to have you as a part of Foresta. Maybe you are not our stakeholder yet, but we are glad to know you have come on this page to hear our story. So, thank you for your kindness and your invaluable time.

We are Nishant and Kirti, co-founders of Foresta Organics (Oh no, it’s not as fancy as it sounds :D). We truly believed that each of us must find meaning in our work. The best work happens when you know that it's not just work, but something that will improve other people's lives. This is the very same inspiration that continues to drive us today.

As we start our journey together, we wanted to share some background on ourselves and what inspires and motivates us.

Who are we?

Previously, college buddies. Now, just a curious set of people figuring out how to make healthcare better, in our own naive ways. And like anyone else, a lot of what we do and how we think has been shaped our overall life experiences.

Kirti Gajjali

Co-founder & CEO

For as long as I can remember, I was fascinated by health and wellness. And I wanted to create a community of healthy individuals who would find the strength, confidence, and energy to conquer every day and live up to their full potential.

I believe in and practice minimalistic and sustainable living and love to explore the aspects of mental wellbeing. I am passionate about changing the way people live, and am a firm believer in finding solutions that improve our lives and the planet. I love to be around nature and am constantly looking for ways to reduce my footprint , live more sustainably, and do more for the environment.

In my spare time, I love reading (both fiction & non-fiction), decluttering (do it a lootttt), watching documentaries, and making my endless To-Do lists.

Nishant Jhunjhunwala

Co-founder & CFO

I hail from a background of family business in textile manufacturing and armed with a GFMB degree from SP Jain School of Global Management. I always enjoyed a futuristic approach towards things and had a knack for finding simple solutions to complex life problems. Before starting Foresta, I was facing a few health challenges myself. But instead of just running for the diet fads and trends, I was clear that I wanted something sustainable and long-lasting. And then who says sustainability cannot be simple! It was then that I started looking for natural alternatives that could be easily incorporated into my busy lifestyle.

After bumping into each other’s idea, we realized our ultimate goal was similar. Thus, we decided to hop in together to build Foresta Organics. And since then, there’s no looking back.

How did we start?

After coming together, we decided to venture out into the world and understand the problems faced by people at the grass-root level. We met people who had disturbing health challenges and needed drastic lifestyle changes. Given today’s lifestyle habits and trends, we could see our friends and family grappling with various health challenges in the coming decades.

A thorough research of the health industry and listening to people’s concern, made us realize that there is a dearth of natural healthcare products that would curb our lifestyle problems without causing any side effects. We noticed that all the so-called 'natural' products that are available in the market are filled with preservatives and additives, which would cause negative health effects in the long term. So, we decided to launch a range of supplements that did not have any kind of preservatives, fillers, additives, and would offer help in taking up minor lifestyle changes across a consistent time period. On top of that, being Ayurvedic and plant-based, they would cause no side effects.

Why are we here?

We are here because we believe we have unparalleled capability to make an impact. Our major focus is incorporating a socially responsive and responsible company, one that explored the power of natural ingredients.

Since the beginning, we have been advocates of the importance of focusing on one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. We believe that taking care of one’s mental health is as important as taking care of our physical wellbeing. It is difficult for people to reach out for help to their near and dear ones, as they would often face mockery for being weak and not living up to their promises of improving their health. There is also fear of being judged if they thought of sharing their health issues. – like alcohol consumption, sleep issues, physical wellbeing, etc. On the other hand, talking to a professional is still considered taboo in our society. Yes, people have started accepting it, but it has a long way to become normal just like any other physical illness.

Today, wellness has become a social phenomenon. Even though people are thinking in healthier ways, they are not getting healthier. We want to help solve that paradox. We want to inspire millions to come together and begin a journey of a positive, lasting change. To move more. To eat well. To connect with others. To celebrate their victories. To overcome their challenges. To reach where they never thought was possible. This purpose drives every decision we make. From the products we launch, to the communities we build, to the content we create, to the science we incorporate. All of this helps us create a ripple effect of change. Because when one person chooses healthy habits, their family changes, too. They inspire their friends, their colleagues. Person by person, community by community, health spreads.

What do we do next?

We want to change the world through heathcare that would empower people to do amazing things. We know it can sound hyperbolic — and yet it’s true. We have done it, we’re doing it today, and we are the team that will do it again.

Next, every one of us needs to do our best work, lead and help drive cultural change. We sometimes underestimate what we each can do to make things happen and overestimate what others need to do to move us forward. We must change this.

Let’s build on this foundation together.

With lots of health,
Kirti & Nishant