Stay Healthy in Summer with These 7 Nutrition Tips

Days are about to get longer and lazier with the beginning of the summer season. While this season gives us a much-needed break from the chilly and cold winter days, it is the culprit behind several health problems like upset stomach, heat stroke, dehydration, and more. But all this can be avoided or controlled if you stay healthy in summer with these seven essential summer nutrition tips. 7 Healthy Summer Nutrition Tips   Keep Control Over Your Portions You can still eat the delicious food items you love; only watch how much you eat by indulging in a limited quantity. That's called portion control. And this is necessary, especially in summer. Staying healthy in summer is a challenge, but not anymore if you avoid overeating. In summer, eating more than enough can take longer to digest, especially at night. One...

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Fit woman stretching in park

5 easy yoga asanas that you can do today

  What is Yoga? Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago. Today, yoga is practiced all over the world for the many benefits it has to offer.  Yoga comprises movement, meditation, and breathing techniques. Yoga is about establishing a connecting mind, body, and spirit. More importantly, yoga differs from person to person. For some, yoga is about getting exercise; for some, it is about peace of mind.    Benefits of Yoga Yoga has endless benefits; practising yoga helps improve health and helps develop discipline.  Following are the health benefits of yoga: Keeps your mind and body - healthy and strong Reduces stress and promotes relaxation Helps...

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happy woman showing healthy eyes

20 tips to keep your eyes healthy

Ever enjoyed little things in life? Like watching a pretty sunset or watching a loved one smile? Who doesn't? However, none of this can be a reality without God's wondrous gift- a pair of eyes. Nonetheless, we take our eyes for granted.  Yes, no doubt each of these senses is useful in its way, but did you know vision is used to interpret approximately 80% of all sensations. Keeping our eyes healthy should be a practice to avoid diseases and also improve our life experiences. Focusing on your eye care now will go a long way towards protecting your eyesight in the later years of your life.  While not all eye conditions are preventable, there are some easy measures that anyone can take to reduce their risk of loss of vision in the future. According to the World Health...

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Happy young man drinking juice while working on laptop

4 ways to get your antioxidants naturally

Are antioxidant supplements for you? Remember all the television advertisements that boasted about their products being rich in antioxidants?  Indeed, antioxidants are associated with a range of health benefits. This owes in part to the fact that fruits and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants, are linked to various health benefits, including a lower risk of diseases.  What Are Antioxidants?  Haven't we all been recommended perhaps a tea or a fruit rich in antioxidants! But do you know what they are and what do they protect us from? As a by-product of converting food into energy, our body produces free radicals. These free radicals are infamously referred to as the 'dark side of Oxygen' and can be potentially harmful as they start attacking even the relatively healthy cells.   Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation and help the body resist these harmful...

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woman holding orange slice in hand

3 vitamins to boost your immune system

The old adage. An apple a day keeps the doctor away is absolutely true. But have you ever stopped and wondered what it really means?   What we eat affects our health, physically as well as mentally. If you eat nutritious food, you will have a sound body and mind. A healthy and balanced diet gives you the strength to fight when your body is under attack. And that strength lies within your immunity.  What do you know about Immunity?? Your immune system is critical to keep your body protected from the endless diseases and viruses that you might encounter in your daily lives. Conversely, a weak immune system is a welcome invitation to various illnesses. From what you have read so far, you understand that building a robust immune system is crucial.   But before we look into how do...

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vitamin c fruits and board

7 ways how vitamin C boosts your immune system

It took us a pandemic to realise the importance of building a strong immune system. However, these past two years have resulted in many more people making positive lifestyle changes like drinking warm water, supplementing their diets with essential vitamins like Vitamin C, D, and eating better.  These past two years have also resulted in increased stress levels among people. But, did you know, stress can suppress your immune system’s response against antigens? And it is one of the many good supplements that can help boost your immune system to cope with stress and effectively fight intruders.  It is safe to say that a strong immunity is the most reliable support for a long, healthy life. And, the solution to building a strong immune system is a well-balanced diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin supplements can...

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woman holding half an orange in her hands over her mouth

Are antioxidant vitamins healthy? Know the facts

When our body's cells create free radicals or reactive oxygen species, the antioxidant vitamins act as the agent or substance that fights those radicals and reduces the damage they cause to cells. If there is a lack of antioxidants in the body, this results in oxidative stress. This particular stress can cause the destruction of cells, disbalances in various physiological functions, and even major diseases like arthritis, cancer, heart issues, etc.  Our body generates antioxidants known as endogenous antioxidants. But we also get antioxidants from external sources, such as; foods or supplements with antioxidant vitamins. It's crucial to have an adequate number of antioxidants in the body to resist free radicals; therefore, intake of antioxidants from outside sources is always recommended.  Which are the antioxidant vitamins? Certain antioxidant vitamins are healthy to consume and compensate for the shortage...

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