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3 vitamins to boost your immune system

The old adage. An apple a day keeps the doctor away is absolutely true. But have you ever stopped and wondered what it really means?   What we eat affects our health, physically as well as mentally. If you eat nutritious food, you will have a sound body and mind. A healthy and balanced diet gives you the strength to fight when your body is under attack. And that strength lies within your immunity.  What do you know about Immunity?? Your immune system is critical to keep your body protected from the endless diseases and viruses that you might encounter in your daily lives. Conversely, a weak immune system is a welcome invitation to various illnesses. From what you have read so far, you understand that building a robust immune system is crucial.   But before we look into how do...

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Boost Your Eye Health: 4 Powerful Vitamins and Supplements for Clear Vision

Do you understand the power of the human eye? No camera or lens can capture what your eye sees. Despite your family nagging you to eat your carrots, eye vitamins, supplements you hardly ever do.  Everything aside, eye care is essential. Unfortunately, most people tend to neglect their eyes. Statistics show that more and more people face issues with their eyesight every day, either through genetic disorders or an unhealthy lifestyle. How do you take care of your eyes? Eyecare is a conscious lifestyle change. A well-balanced, nutritious diet, regular exercise, lesser screen time, protective wear can go a long way to make your eyesight strong.   Despite a healthy lifestyle, some people have a history of genetic eye disorders. Therefore, it is best to look into your family history so you can avoid or delay the onset of any...

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Are antioxidant vitamins healthy? Know the facts

When our body's cells create free radicals or reactive oxygen species, the antioxidant vitamins act as the agent or substance that fights those radicals and reduces the damage they cause to cells. If there is a lack of antioxidants in the body, this results in oxidative stress. This particular stress can cause the destruction of cells, disbalances in various physiological functions, and even major diseases like arthritis, cancer, heart issues, etc.  Our body generates antioxidants known as endogenous antioxidants. But we also get antioxidants from external sources, such as; foods or supplements with antioxidant vitamins. It's crucial to have an adequate number of antioxidants in the body to resist free radicals; therefore, intake of antioxidants from outside sources is always recommended.  Which are the antioxidant vitamins? Certain antioxidant vitamins are healthy to consume and compensate for the shortage...

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