woman sleeping in white bed and sheets showing her eyes

Natural sleep supplements to manage insomnia

Why the need for natural sleep supplements? In this fast-growing world of technology and high mind utilization, mental health is often overlooked. People have shifted their priorities from basic self-care to other peripheral stuff they deem essential. Little do we realize that in the struggle, we become devoid of sound mental health, which ultimately affects the quality of our life. The culprits- Tight work schedules, excessive screen time, lost social connections, insufficient rest are all elements knocking the doors of stress, irritability, and depression. These result in a lot of mental disorders, one such is insomnia.  What is Insomnia? Do you feel low on energy levels or lack concentration? Does falling asleep have become a challenge to you? Do you find yourself waking up early despite having slept late last night? Then it’s insomnia that’s hitting you hard. In simple...

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