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Natural sleep supplements to manage insomnia

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Why the need for natural sleep supplements?

In this fast-growing world of technology and high mind utilization, mental health is often overlooked. People have shifted their priorities from basic self-care to other peripheral stuff they deem essential. Little do we realize that in the struggle, we become devoid of sound mental health, which ultimately affects the quality of our life.

The culprits- Tight work schedules, excessive screen time, lost social connections, insufficient rest are all elements knocking the doors of stress, irritability, and depression. These result in a lot of mental disorders, one such is insomnia

What is Insomnia?

Do you feel low on energy levels or lack concentration? Does falling asleep have become a challenge to you? Do you find yourself waking up early despite having slept late last night? Then it’s insomnia that’s hitting you hard.

In simple terms, insomnia is a sleep disorder where one finds it difficult to fall asleep or getting the required sleep. 

Insomnia results in you never feeling refreshed after waking up after what you can call a short sleep. You always feel dull and lack energy, your body feels fatigued all the time. This consequently affects the quality of your life and disturbs your performance in basic everyday activities.

According to a study, 33% of adults show symptoms of chronic insomnia. But, unfortunately, these symptoms are hardly ever taken into consideration and dismissed without giving it a second thought. 

Causes of Insomnia.

Insomnia can arise due to a lot of reasons. But most prominently, an unhealthy lifestyle and stress are usually the culprits. For example, the long-standing habit of sleeping late at night, or working till late, too much TV time, endless hours spent on phone scrolling – all contribute to insomnia one way or the other.

However, it is essential to remember that not falling asleep at night is nothing but one of the many characters of insomnia. Insomnia often supplements itself with other day-to-day problems, including waking up at uncertain times, falling asleep in the day, feeling extremely lazy and dizzy throughout the day, headaches, migraines, and more. Excessive intake of caffeine, alcoholism or smoking can also lead to insomnia.

Effects of Insomnia.

Along with the apparent difficulty in sleeping and destroyed sleeping patterns, insomnia has the following symptoms- 

  • Stress or anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headache and body pain
  • Frequent physical injuries.
  • Irritation and difficulty concentrating.
  • Insomnia generates and makes people experience other complications, like anxiety, depression, mood swings, or bipolar disorder. 
  • Some biological diseases related to insomnia include diabetes, cancer, heart disease, asthma, etc.

Treatment of Insomnia.

When the insomnia is acute, then it does not require a full-fledged medical procedure. Instead, self-help strategy suggestions like conscious lifestyle changes and natural sleep supplements can help overcome acute insomnia.

On the other hand, in chronic insomnia, it is advised to seek professional help. When you see the quality of your life drastically drop, experience trouble in carrying out everyday activities, and have difficulty carrying out daily activities, it’s a disorder for which you need a suitably organized recovery program with your doctor’s assistance. The various recovery methods include –

  • Therapy- After evaluating your situation, various treatments like cognitive behavioural therapy and light therapy help you recognize your suppressed thoughts and behaviours.
  • Self-care- Conscious self-care efforts in small ways, like avoiding screen time past bedtime, not consuming caffeine after evening, or increasing fruit intake, can help improve symptoms. 
  • Medications- Doctors prescribe various natural sleep supplements like antidepressants, antihistamines, etc., which help control insomnia symptoms.

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Sleep health, a natural sleep supplement by Foresta Organics- A natural approach to dealing with insomnia. 

Today, you can find natural sleep supplements that can help you tackle symptoms of insomnia. Sleep Health by Forest Organics is one such natural sleep supplement that can help you to improve your sleep routines.

Sleep Health is a natural sleep supplement product that consists of Ayurvedic ingredients like Jatamansi, Tagar (Indian Valerian Root), and Ashwagandha. These ingredients are known to reduce anxiety, relax the nervous system, and help to overcome sleep disorders. In addition, it enhances the duration of sleep and helps calm the mind. 

Sleep Health also strengthens immunity, and its intake lowers the cortisol level, which helps get a peaceful sleep. In addition, the ingredients used help control tiring lifestyles, unhealthy food habits and soothe one’s daily routine. 


Getting adequate sleep is the essential requirement of one’s life to sustain overall health and manage daily work life. And sleeplessness is the primary sign which proves the existence of insomnia. Hence, it is crucial not to give it the cold shoulder as it may multiply your health problems. 

Instead, it has become necessary to try out natural sleep supplements for permanent and effective treatment. Foresta Organics’ range of natural supplements are devoid of any kind of chemical or additives. Let’s not make those sleeping pills full of chemicals and side effects weaken us more when you know the right natural sleep supplements. 

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